Advanced Lab Courses


Train, master and perform arthroscopic skills at a higher level with AANA Lab Courses. A hallmark of AANA Lab Courses are the peer-to-peer educational elements that are unlike other stagnant learning environments.

Unlike Industry-sponsored courses, AANA Lab Courses are completely objective and unbiased, meaning you can work with major orthopaedic company’s equipment, instruments and implants while earning over 20 hours of CME credits.

Immerse yourself in a learning environment that offers the ability to:


Train with arthroscopic leaders in a personal, peer-to-peer setting using the latest equipment of your choice.


Master cutting-edge concepts and surgical techniques for fully solidified, premier instruction. Participate in real-world case scenarios that better prepare you for the operating room back home.


Perform with an increased knowledge base and newly acquired skillset so that you’re efficient in the operating room and able to deliver the utmost care to your patients.

The skills gained at AANA Lab Courses are countless, including improved patient outcomes. Attending a course provides:

  • Enhanced learning using cadavers and virtual reality simulation technology.
  • Acquired skills and techniques while enhancing what you already know.
  • Tips and pearls from colleagues and master surgeons.

*All instruction takes place in the revolutionary environment of the Orthopaedic Learning Center, located just five minutes from O’Hare International Airport.

Advanced Practitioners

NEW! Are you within five years of Residency/Fellowship completion? Get the Early Careerist rate for AANA Lab Courses, as low as $1,999!

Resident/Fellow Courses

Start your career with a strong foundation of arthroscopic skills. AANA's Foundations in Arthroscopy sets the standard for your introduction to arthroscopy with:

  • Legendary faculty and low 2:1 attendee-to-instructor ratio
  • The opportunity to hone your surgical skills through cadaveric practice
  • Access to the latest techniques and equipment from industry-leading companies
  • Motor skills development with exercises on the FAST Workstation

Virtual APEX Courses

We have resurrected the former APEX naming convention – this familiar title is meant to help define the difference between our in-person lab courses and the reconfigured virtual courses. The same, high-quality didactic work you come to expect from AANA will be evident in these online programs.

Copernicus Initiative for Proficiency-Based Progression (PBP) Training

Intended for preparing trainees to ensure that sophisticated and technically demanding tools, instruments and implants are employed safely and effectively in the operating room, PBP training provides content focused on acquiring and demonstrating basic skill sets before progressing on to more advanced techniques. Trainees benefit from the clarity that performance metrics provide, the optimized and focused performance feedback, deliberate practice opportunities and the ability to correct deficiencies in a safe and supportive environment.