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AANA/SLARD: Shoulder Instability: Thinking Out of the Box and Unusual Cases












Recorded on October 30, 2023

Join us for a case-based discussion on the following patients:

  • 16 year-old ice hockey player with traumatic Dislocation three years ago
  • C7 C8 palsy, now continuous dislocation
  • 21 year-old voluntary dislocator, now locks inferiorly
  • 74 year-old fell down one year ago, chronic anterior dislocation
  • 16 year-old elite gymnast with atraumatic bilateral dislocation and no hyperlaxity

En español

  • 16 a. Hockey sobre hielo. Luxación traumática hace 3 a.
  • Paralysis C7 C8. Múltiples luxaciones ahora.
  • 21 a. Luxadora voluntaria. Ahora queda luxada hacia inferior
  • 74 a Caída hace un año. Luxación anterior encastrada
  • 16 a Gimnasta de elite. Luxación bilateral atraumatica. Sin hiperlaxitud

Moderator: Ivan H. Wong, M.D., FAANA
SLARD Moderator: Daniel A. Slullitel, M.D.

AANA Panelists: Albert Lin, M.D., Kevin W. Farmer, M.D.
SLARD Panelists: Mauricio Largacha, M.D., FAANA, Fernando Hiramuro, M.D.

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