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Kelly Family Endowment

AANA Board Member John D. Kelly IV, M.D., FAANA and the AANA Education Foundation have teamed up to create the Kelly Family Endowment Fund. This endowment was created in memory of Dr. Kelly’s twin brother, Michael P. Kelly Sr., who passed away in 2021. It is because of Dr. Kelly’s dedication and commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion that this endowment will sponsor an annual Diversity and Inclusion Lecture at an AANA Lab Course. Dr. Kelly’s daughter is following in his orthopaedic footsteps, and it was important to him and his family to create this endowed lecture in perpetuity.

Matching Opportunity: Dr. and Mrs. Kelly are committed to raising $100,000 to endow this lecture. They have agreed to match the first $25,000 raised. That means every dollar raised is doubled. What a great way to make your donation count!

On behalf of the AANA Education Foundation and the Kelly family, thank you for  donating to this endowment fund.

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