One of the many benefits of arthroscopic surgery is a faster recovery time for patients and a quicker return home—often on the day of surgery.

What to Expect

  • After surgery, you will be moved to a recovery room. There, an ice pack may be applied to reduce any pain or swelling, and the area where the surgery took place may be elevated.
  • Your dressing should be kept clean and dry for at least the first 24 hours after surgery to help reduce the chance of infection. You will likely see some drainage on your dressing. This is normal.
  • When taking a shower, use a protective dressing as directed by your surgeon. Do not soak the treatment area in water.
  • You may experience some swelling and discomfort during the first few days after surgery, and your activity may be restricted temporarily.
  • Pain medication usually will be provided by your physician. Ask your nurse whether a prescription is available, and arrange for a family member to pick up your prescription.
  • If you have undergone surgery to the knee, foot or ankle, crutches may be helpful when walking.
  • Ice or cold packs may alleviate pain and help control swelling that may occur after surgery.

Returning to Normal Activity

Your doctor may prescribe rehabilitation exercises, perhaps with a physical therapist. Follow this treatment regimen carefully.

Often, patients are able to return to work or school within a few days after surgery. Ask your surgeon when you will be ready to make this transition. is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors.
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